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    Our range includes over 1500 part numbers in brake discs and drums for popular European passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, covering approximately 95% of the European market.

    All parts are manufactured from high quality casts with hardness of 187 – 240 HB. This guarantees a low abrasion coefficient, providing good economy combined with a long-lasting safety experience during braking. Our brake parts are produced using the latest manufacturing technology, meeting all requirements for Original Equipment components. The whole manufacturing process is delivered to full safety standards and quality is continuously monitored by quality controllers.

    BS – a wide range of brake discs and drums with integrated wheel bearings and ABS sensor rings (mechanic or magnetic) which are a very popular solution in French cars (Citroën, Peugeot, Renault).

    TUNING SERIES – sport brake discs of the highest quality produced in short and long series or to order. Perfect performance and innovative anticorrosion protection is combined with an attractive pattern design which captures the attention of all sport brake discs fans.

    HIGH PERFORMANCE – High Carbon class brake discs with enriched material structure and innovative anticorrosion coating. The increased carbon content results in better heat disposal, lower variation in temperature and reduced susceptibility to thermal deformation (improved thermal resistance).