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    For the customers preferring dynamic driving, valuing reliability and safety of braking in challenging conditions as well as looking for impressive design, we have prepared tuning discs available in six designs.

    Our tuning discs are made of traditional moulds and are subjected to machining ( drilling and cutting). All tuning discs are manufactured in short-series manufacturing process according to the individual technical parameters determined by our Construction & Technological Office, being characteristic for the specific disc and design.

    On the basis of the individual technical drawing, the specialist manufacturing programme is developed, which is crowned by balancing of the disc according to the characteristic parameters for the first-assembly manufacture. The tuning discs manufactured in such a way guarantee high comfort and efficiency of braking. The additional holes made in the manufacturing process increase effectiveness of disc cooling while the cuts accelerate cleaning of the brake discs and blocks from the pollutions created as a result of braking.

    Thanks to the attractive and bold design, the aesthetic values of our tuning discs emphasise the character of every car.